Rainforests by Dr John Feltwell


John Feltwell is passionate about rainforests and has visited the Amazon basin, the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru and Sulawesi. Rainforests brings you breathtaking photographic work exploring the natural history of the Latin American Rainforests. Packed with 300 full colour plates and comprehensive text, the book is a mine of factual information and is brilliant to browse.

Sample Chapter

Chapter 8: Trees can be downloaded here


Each book is priced at 55 excluding postage and packaging and can be ordered through e-mail or telephone: +44 (0)1424 830566


The references that make up the bibliography are provided here, together with information on many of the naturalists and scientists who have progressed study in the latin American rainforests.

They are provided here simply as an educational tool, so that researchers will hopefully be more aware of the published literature, just in case they do not acquire a copy of the book. It is very much hoped that students will take advantage of this vast array of literature on the subject. Additions to the list are always welcomed.

The Rainforest bibliography can be downloaded here

Sandbanks in the Amazon river Boat on the Amazon river Sunset in the Amazon