John Feltwell's interest in books came about because his father Ray Feltwell wrote books on chickens and turkeys. The first book that John was engaged in was for Reader's Digest in 1984 with the publication of the Nature Lover's Library "Butterflies and other insects of Britain". This book took two years to put together with a huge team of artists in the UK and France. Thereafter Hamlyn published one of his books using many of his fine photographs taken in the wild. Many other books on natural history have followed. With John's unusual combination of zoology and botany expertise it was not long before books on gardening came out (Clematis, Climbers etc) aided particularly with the use of superb photographs from the Garden and Wildlife Photographic Library which he and his wife ran.

As a professional photographer John has visited many countries in South and Central America to photograph the riches of the rainforest. Thus culminated in the publication 'Rainforests' which was published by Wildlife Matters in 2006. If 'Rainforests' took 10 years to put together this was not the first well researched book, as 'The Story of Silk' also took 10 years and came out in 1990. It has since gone on to be a key reference work on silk and is unsurpassed. So John Feltwell's entomological and botanical interests continue to this day with 'Bumblebees' and up-coming 'Honeybees'. He is a well qualified conservationist and natural historian.

John's full publications listing can be found here and a list of his 43 authored books here.