Welcome to the home page of Dr John Feltwell. The aim of the site is to give an insight into the range of interests of Dr. John Feltwell, from his professional base as a Environmental Consultant, through his numerous publications including his latest works on Rainforests and Bumblebees. He is a widely travelled naturalist who has ventured up and down the Amazon in recent years and is now a Trustee of a rainforest charity (www.regua.co.uk) as well as a Trustee of Buglife - the Invertebrate Conservation Trust. He has risked piranahas, tiny fish with unsavoury habitat requirements, and scary tropical insects to visit many different types of rainforest, from the virgin forests of Indonesia to the biodiverse paradise of the Peruvian Andes and lowlands of tropical Brazil. As a professional photographer he has put together a wide range of books over the years.

Dr John Feltwell portrait

John Feltwell was one of the first in Britain to promote wildlife gardening with his 'Doorstep Wildlife' (Hamlyn, 1985) and with his 'Naturalist's Garden' (Ebury Press, 1987). A competent zoologist (BSc in Zoology) and botanist (PhD in Botany) he has also published a number of field guides to butterflies in Britain, Europe and North America, as well as popular gardening books on clematis and pelargoniums.

His book, 'Bumblebees' was first published in 2006 by Wildlife Matters and is now in its third edition. It was published merely to stimulate others to take up the bumblebee baton, to find out more about them, so that we would all be in a better position to conserve them in the future. There are over 150 colour photographs of bumblebees in the wild and in the garden, in Britain and in France. The book has been widely received.. "A compact and accurate field resource" (NHBS, 2010), "A visually stimulating book to inspire gardeners and nature watchers alike. Conservation is the main theme..."